Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jackie's Picks

Father's Office in Culver City
Here are my picks this week...

A Parisian-style outdoor market in Hollywood every Saturday, 9am-4pm.

5 ways to keep cool this summer.

Free family-friendly screenings at The Grove on Thursdays @ 8pm. (Ends 8/25.)

See This at the Kirk Douglas Theatre through 8/28. (It's a new American comedy about the differences between our two adult lives: one full of hope and promise, the other filled with surprises.)

26th Annual Children's Festival of the Arts at Paramount Studios on August 14th, 12:00-4:30pm.

1st Annual Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Competition at The Federal Bar in North Hollywood on August 14th, from 2-9pm.

Search Los Angeles homes on

(Suggestion:  Grab a juicy burger and try the new hazelnut-foie gras oatmeal cookie ice cream sandwiches at Father's Office before seeing the play at Kirk Douglas Theatre.)

(Photo via Cupcakes and Cashmere)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What is the difference between Beverly Hills and Beverly Hills Post Office?

Beverly Hills Post Office is the name given to the area just above Beverly Hills proper that is served by the Beverly Hills postal service, but that, in actuality, lies in the city of Los Angeles, and, as such, is served by L.A. city services (fire, police, schools, etc.). Homes in the Beverly Hills Post Office area have just one zip code, which is shared with homes within the city limits of Beverly Hills – 90210. The Beverly Hills Post Office area extends all the way up in the hills and canyons to Mulholland Highway, much of which forms the border between the city and the San Fernando Valley, more commonly known as just "the valley."

The BHPO area, as the area is nicknamed, is comprised of everything ranging from tiny homes nestled on narrow winding streets in the canyons to mega mansions topping the verdant hills, and everything in between. Convenient to both the city and the valley, the Beverly Hills Post Office area is sandwiched between the hills of Bel Air and the area known as Sunset Strip - Hollywood Hills West. Benedict Canyon and Coldwater Canyon traverse the area, taking commuters from the city to the top of the hills. Coldwater continues "over the hill" to deposit its commuters in Studio City, a popular area of the San Fernando Valley.

Although the median sale price of homes in the area was $1,607,500, remarkably and indicative of the vast differences among real estate in the BHPO area, the 12 single family homes that sold in May 2011 range from $545,000 to $22,950,000! These properties were on the market for sale for an average of 137 days, or approximately 4 ½ months, and the total dollar sales volume of the sale of these 12 homes was a healthy $42,058,150!

(Via The Combined Los Angeles/Westside Multiple Listing Service)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Marketwatch Mondays: Beverly Hills Post Office

12051 Summit Circle
6 New Single Family Homes for Sale Week of July 18th:
(Here are 3 highlighted properties...)

2011 Benedict Canyon Drive (MLS# 11-542691)

1316 Beverly Grove Place (MLS# 11-542783)

12051 Summit Circle (MLS# 11-542469)

2 Single Family Homes Sold Week of July 18th:

12047 Summit Circle (MLS# 11-520853)
List price: $2,994,950
Sold for $2,900,000

12300 Mulholland Drive (MLS# 11-501967)
List price: $12,000,000
Sold for $11,200,000

Friday, July 22, 2011

Jackie's Picks

Hope your weekend is fabulous! Here are this week's picks...

Get the pup to a park.

Shop shoes at Decadestwo.1 bi-annual event on Saturday from 9am-6pm in West Hollywood.

Music + street art + food = BloomfestLA. (Downtown Arts District on Saturday, 2-10pm.)

Another street festival: the 18th Annual Los Feliz Village Street Fair on Sunday from 11am-10pm.

Angeleno's Annual LIVE & DINE LA and 9th Annual Restaurant Awards at the Fairmount Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica on Sunday at 5:30pm (4:30 VIP reception). Event proceeds will benefit P.S. Arts, a non-profit dedicated to improving children's lives through arts education.

Celebrate the 100th birthday of the original blond bombshell, Jean Harlow. The exhibit Harlow At 100 runs until September 5 at the Hollywood Museum.

Gabor-i-vision!, a free two-day festival at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills next weekend, 7/30-7/31. (By the way, Zsa Zsa Gabor's Bel-Air home is currently on the market for $15 million.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

James Perse Sample Sale

If you're in town, the James Perse Sample Sale is this weekend in Venice. (This craftsman chair from the Los Angeles Collection would be perfect for the outdoor lounge areas of these three homes.:)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

L.A. On Longest-Living Cities List

According to The Daily Beast, Los Angeles ranks #14 out of the 20 longest-living cities in America. In fact, many of the cities on the list are concentrated on the sunny West Coast, with the highest concentration in California. (Average male life expectancy in the last decade: 76.2; average female life expectancy in the last decade: 81.4.)

(Photos via weheartit)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Marketwatch Mondays: Hollywood Hills

1800 Rising Glen Road
10 New Single Family Homes for Sale Week of July 11th:
(Here are 3 highlighted properties...)

8937 Appian Way (MLS# 11-541005)

1800 Rising Glen Road (MLS# 11-540403)

9344 Nightingale Drive (MLS# 11-540719)

5 New Condominiums for Sale Week of July 11th:
(Here are 3 highlighted properties...)

1745 Camino Palmero Street, #211 (MLS# 11-540053)

7135 Hollywood Boulevard, #502 (MLS# 11-541223)

9255 Doheny Road, #2901 (MLS# 11-540915)

4 Single Family Homes Sold Week of July 11th:

1928 Weepah Way (MLS# 11-535455)
List price: $529,000
Sold for $595,215

6617 Iris Drive (MLS# 10-497333)
List price: $634,030
Sold for $651,000

1277 North Clark Street (MLS# B11058668CN)
List price: $791,700
Sold for $798,000

3512 Multiview Drive (MLS# 11-530967)
List price: $1,599,000
Sold for $1,500,000

2 Condominiums Sold Week of July 11th:

7135 Hollywood Boulevard, #108 (MLS# 11-512663)
List price: $317,730
Sold for $317,730

9255 Doheny Road, #1005 (MLS# 09-345081)
List price: $1,495,000
Sold for $1,385,000

Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 Tips To Make Your Bedroom Romantic

Michelle Adams, editor of Lonny Magazine, offers these five tips for transforming your bedroom into a love nest:

1. Symmetrical design
2. Keep it clean.
3. Feel-good textures (e.g. throws and 300+ thread count sheets)
4. Keep it interesting with exotic prints.
5. Luxury = a white carpet

*Bonus tip: Keep a chair in the bedroom.

(Via Extra)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Marketwatch Mondays: West Hollywood

508 North Ja Jolla Avenue

6 New Single Family Homes for Sale Week of July 4th:
(Here are 3 highlighted properties...)

434 Norwich Drive (MLS# 11-539069)

508 North La Jolla Avenue (MLS# 11-539239)

1010 North Orlando Avenue (MLS# 11-538959)

10 New Condominiums for Sale Week of July 4th:
(Here are 3 highlighted properties...)

999 North Doheny Drive, #411 (MLS# 11-539895)

9005 Cynthia Street, #411 (MLS# 11-539569)

1424 North Crescent Heights, #61 (MLS# 11-538583)

4 Condominiums Sold Week of July 4th:

1025 North Kings Road, #207 (MLS# 11-529137)
List price: $215,000
Sold for $215,000

1222 North Olive Drive, #205 (MLS# 11-497887)
List price: $349,000
Sold for $250,000

1015 North Kings Road, #103 (MLS# 10-492205)
List price: $475,000
Sold for $461,000

8121 Norton Avenue, #201 (MLS# 10-487961)
List price: $619,000
Sold for $620,000

Friday, July 8, 2011

Jackie's Picks

Have a great weekend! Here are the links...

Catch a movie at the Old Pasadena Film Festival, a free four-week outdoor flick fest.

Shop exclusive pieces at Les Pommettes' Jewelry Trunk Show, beginning Monday, July 11, in West Hollywood.

Eat dim sum at Bao Dim Sum House. (Also in West Hollywood.)

Take a walk. Or ten.

See if you can catch a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this weekend. (They're believed to be staying at a residence in the Hancock Park neighborhood.)

Go see the humorous and heartbreaking documentary Love Etc. at Laemmle's Sunset 5 next Friday, July 15.

Get in touch if you have any real estate needs.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Marketwatch Mondays: Hollywood Hills

8716 Sunset Plaza Terrace

7 New Single Family Homes for Sale Week of June 27th:

7031 Pacific View Drive (MLS# 11-537997)

6636 Emmet Terrace (MLS# 11-537991)

8974 Wonderland Park Avenue (MLS# F11083187CN)

1355 Devlin Drive (MLS# 11-537529)

8716 Sunset Plaza Terrace (MLS# 11-537301)

2664 La Cuesta Drive (MLS# 11-537221)

8445 Franklin Avenue (MLS# 11-537509)

8 Single Family Homes Sold Week of June 27th:

1601 Sunset Plaza Drive (MLS# 11-502065)
List price: $928,000
Sold for $830,000

2040 North Alta Vista Avenue (MLS# 11-523189)
List price: $975,000
Sold for $949,740

6930 Woodrow Wilson Drive (MLS# 10-482405)
List price: $1,149,900
Sold for $997,000

2257 Chelan Drive (MLS# 11-520119)
List price: $1,495,000
Sold for $1,380,000

8008 Briar Summit Drive (MLS# 11-528367)
List price: $1,479,000
Sold for $1,540,000

2657 Carman Crest Drive (MLS# 11-528973)
List price: $1,699,000
Sold for $1,610,000

2050 Laurel Canyon Road (MLS# 11-517673)
List price: $1,999,900
Sold for $1,875,000

2556 Greenvalley Road (MLS# 11-506433)
List price: $2,500,000
Sold for $2,350,000

3 Condominiums Sold Week of June 27th:

6700 Hillpark Drive, #204 (MLS# A11052635MR)
List price: $229,000
Sold for $230,000

6748 Hillpark Drive, #406 (MLS# 11-526417)
List price: $389,000
Sold for $365,000

1601 North Fuller Avenue, #403 (MLS# B2108143CN)
List price: $499,000
Sold for $450,000